Every day, millions of people use the internet to find products and services. Online shopping is becoming more & more popular as it is a simple way to buy things at any time of day. Many people nowadays believe that buying online is more cost-effective. People often just check the products in physical stores but buy online due to lower costs. Looking at this scenario, what physical sellers can do is upgrade themselves to an eCommerce platform that enables sellers to use a variety of marketing and sales strategies to give their customers an additional reason to purchase a product.

Moreover, the pandemic has shown us the importance of selling online. Store owners suffered a significant loss as businesses other than essential services were not allowed to remain open. Ecommerce sites got ease to start their services earlier than stores. This has been a great advantage for those who sell online. But, the main downside of an eCommerce site is that you need to pay a huge commission to sell your products or invest huge sums to start and market your own eCommerce website. That’s why Teri Dukaan has established a no-commission eCommerce platform for sellers. Rather than charging a hefty commission on each sale, Teri Dukaan charges a fixed fee.

Here are some of the advantages of selling your products online with Teri Dukaan:

No Limitations on the amount of products

Even offline stores have a limit on how many products you can showcase on your shelfs or windows! But Teri Dukaan is a virtual store that has no exceptions on how many products you can showcase! Add as many products as you wish, unless you have stock for it. In Teri Dukaan, you can upload unlimited products in various different categories.

No Commission!

Yes, you read it right! We don’t take any commission from our sellers for selling their goods on Teri Dukaan. Instead, we charge a fixed one time fee which allows sellers to sell as much as they want while keeping 100% of the profit to themselves. This will allow sellers to start selling online at a very low cost and to earn a significant profit.
Payment portal charges applied (3-4% maximum)

No priority advertising

Every seller is equally important to us. That is why we don’t do paid advertising or sponsored promotion for a particular seller. This will help every seller to get an equal exposure and customer reach. eCommerce giants promote sellers and their products by charging them, this affects the exposure of low-budget sellers. This will never happen at Teri Dukaan, and is one of our basic principles.

Mutually Beneficial

eCommerce websites charge sellers in various different ways that increase cost on each sale the seller makes, because of which, they have to compromise on the profit. Consequently, they have to increase the selling price of their product for the customers. By choosing ‘Teri Dukaan’ to sell the products online, sellers will be able to avoid charges on each sale and can in return give competitive pricing to customers. This will help Teri Dukaan get more customers for all their sellers!

Your Own Online Store

Setting up business on an eCommerce website and promoting that website is highly expensive. Teri Dukaan, on the other hand, provides sellers with their own online store at a very cheap cost. Here, the seller’s entire sales operation becomes online and computerized. Another advantage of joining Teri Dukaan is that sellers can operate their store from anywhere, that too without any time constraints.

Personalized Support

You do not need to go through tons of procedures and emails to register, verification or any kind of support! We believe in ‘All Services One Contact’. You can mail us, whatsapp us but if you are looking for support urgently, you can simply call us on +91 8459753745

If you are a seller and looking forward to start selling your products online, Teri Dukaan seems to be the best platform to start with.

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